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Sarah Sometimes

we will be as happy as a 1950's TV family except times infinity.
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[02/07/14 circa 3.35pm]
500th lj entry.

i've had this thing for more than 10 years.

and i'm still so sad.
my heart feels so new

[02/15/12 circa 11.13pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

I've had this livejournal since 2003. That's crazy. I miss it in a bizarre way. I feel weird writing about my ~feelings~ on tumblr. I'm almost done with college. 5 more weeks. I remember when that was 104 weeks away and those two years felt like a life time. I thought it would never end, and that I would never be happy here. But I am happy now. I love my life down here. I also love my life at home, but I started something from nothing and now I have a second place that I really feel is like a home. Who would have guessed?

Anyway. I guess it makes sense that I've (sort of) kept a journal since 2003. Though now I hardly have time for anything fun. I feel like I work ALL THE TIME or I'm in class or I'm translating. And still failing midterms.

I have nothing more to say really. But hi. I've missed you.

PS; I miss setting my mood for entries! I forgot!

you made this come true (2) my heart feels so new

[03/01/11 circa 12.50am]
This is the last safe place. I miss my best friends.

[12/30/10 circa 10.37am]
summary of 2010: i grew up too fast. i also live vicariously through friends.
2011: stop that behavoir and live for myself.

don't you be wasting all your money on syrup and honey
because i am sweet enough.

[10/26/10 circa 4.45pm]
i love when everything feels good
good grades, good friends, good crush :D

i don't mind the way things are going.

[08/24/10 circa 4.46pm]
sadness. sadness. sadness.

i'm so sick of everyone being right and me being unhappy but at the same time everyone not caring enough to listen. w h a t e v e r.

summer 2010 [08/14/10 circa 2.40pm]
i'm pathetic. and i still don't know how to spell your last name. but mostly i'm pathetic.

wisdom teeth removed. mouth pain. i want to nap more peas.

ASDFGHJKJHGFDS frustration with my self.

[07/13/10 circa 5.13pm]
I've come here a few times to update about my life but everytime I've tried, I end up too angry for words. Maybe this says something about the way I live my life. Hello private, honest livejournal. I'm about to furiously update you. Good bye.

[04/24/10 circa 10.37pm]
[ mood | content ]

happiness is having friends to split something with at denny's at four in the morning
i'm pretty sure that's what i needed to make this feel more like home

i think about all of you daily
and i still feel kind of empty without you here
but the hole doesn't hurt everyday

it's all starting to feel better

[04/16/10 circa 11.10am]
[ mood | blah ]

I have so many conflicting thoughts all the time. Also I'm twenty fucking years old, why am I still worried of making sure everyone around me is happy? I'm missing out on so much because I constantly cater to everyone's needs, even if that means giving up something I want to do. And like whatever, but I feel like my family is paying so much for me to be out at college and I'm not even getting a full experience. Now that I have friends and parties and stuff to go to, I'm still going home because now I have pressure to do so. This won't matter in ten years, but it's frustrating now. Eff being spineless. I should probably start doing what I want to do.

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